LHC orders closure of markets by 10pm

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LAHORE: The Lahore High Court has ordered that markets should close at 10 pm to fight smog in the province.

Justice Shahid Kareem once again took up petitions filed by citizens calling for measures to fight smog in Punjab.

The judge ordered that the secretary to the chief minister and the CCPO should ensure that the order to close markets at 10 pm is implemented.

The court ordered the government to issue a notification for the closure of markets as well.

LHC dissatisfied with implementation efforts on smog notification

Justice Kareem also ordered that the government should also notify two days of work from home for all offices including private offices and banks.

Secretary Chief Minister should issue the necessary instructions to CCPO Lahore for controlling smog, the LHC ordered.

The court also ordered that the factories de-sealed in recent days should be re-sealed. The judge also issued instructions that action should be taken against the officer who de-sealed the factories.

Early Tuesday morning the atmosphere of Lahore was slightly better idue to the rain that happened in different areas of Lahore yesterday. However, the pollution in Lahore is still second in the list.

According to the details, the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) of the city has decreased compared to the previous days, which is being recorded at 266.

In different areas of the city, the air quality index is being recorded more than 300, 335 in Mall Road area, 342 in Gulbarg, 377 was recorded around Barki Road.

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