LESCO disconnects 394 illegal power connections

power Theft crackdown

LAHORE: The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) detected and took action against 394 cases of electricity theft across its operational circles, covering five districts: Lahore, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Kasur, and Okara.

This accomplishment was reported on the 132nd day of LESCO’s rigorous anti-power theft campaign.

According to a LESCO spokesperson, FIR applications were submitted against all 394 identified electricity thieves, with 140 cases already implemented and registered at respective police stations.

Law enforcement agencies have apprehended 13 individuals involved in these power theft activities.

Notably, the crackdown extended beyond residential consumers, revealing the involvement of large commercial consumers in electricity theft.

All such connections were promptly disconnected, including five commercial, one industrial, four agricultural, and 384 domestic connections.

The accused individuals collectively faced charges for a total of 321,484 pilfered units, amounting to a detection bill of Rs10.930 million.

Shedding light on specific cases, the spokesperson highlighted instances where detection bills worth Rs92,456, Rs201,456, Rs210,000, and Rs185,000 were charged to electricity thieves in various areas.

During the 132 days of the anti-power theft campaign, LESCO uncovered power pilferage on 45,501 connections.

A total of 45,048 FIR applications were submitted, resulting in 42,481 registered cases and the arrest of 17,195 individuals. LESCO has charged a cumulative total of 66,182,780 detection units, equivalent to Rs2,571,786,313, to all power pilferers.

Further investigations by LESCO in various sub-divisions revealed 59 power pilferers in the Defence East Division and 40 in the Lakhhan Sharif area.

The Defence East Division operation exposed individuals stealing electricity through wire hooking, tampering with metres, and direct tapping into the main supply line.

In the Bedian Road Sub-Division, eight accused were caught stealing electricity, while the Airport Road operation led to the identification of 11 electricity thieves.

Additionally, LESCO teams uncovered 40 power pilferers in the Lakhhan Sharif Scheme area, resulting in the arrest of four individuals.

All illegal connections were promptly disconnected, and FIR applications were filed with the respective police stations. In total, 55,442 units were charged to the accused in the form of detection bills.

LESCO’s relentless efforts to combat power theft underscore its commitment to ensuring fair and lawful electricity distribution across its operational regions.

The power company urges consumers to refrain from engaging in such illegal activities, emphasising the severe consequences and legal actions awaiting those involved in electricity theft.

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