Lahore’s battle against smog sees significant reduction due to rain

artificial rain in Lahore

LAHORE: In a promising turn of events for Lahore, the city witnessed a clear reduction in smog levels as rainfall made a timely appearance.

Currently ranked fifth among the world’s most polluted cities, Lahore’s overall Air Quality Index (AQI) saw a marked improvement, dropping from a concerning 278 to a more favorable 167.

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The much-needed rain not only contributed to the reduction in smog but also brought a noticeable drop in temperatures, providing respite from the prevailing cold.

The air quality improved after the rain and wind blowing subsequently diffused the smog that had enveloped the city over the past fortnight, indicating relief for the residents from the risk of related disease.

Today, the city recorded a maximum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

As per the latest forecast from the Meteorological Department, rain is expected to continue intermittently throughout the day in Lahore.

This positive development offers hope for improved air quality and a more comfortable environment for the city’s residents.

The relief came after two weeks of Lahore figuring among the most polluted cities of the world with worsening AQI readings.

There had also been a rush of patients at hospitals due to chest and eye infection, skin diseases, cough and other health problems.

The Punjab government had taken steps including the formation of a monitoring committee and action against factories, brick kilns and unfit vehicles before imposing the partial lockdown.

The government had also engaged public sector universities and colleges in an anti-smog campaign and advised them to organise seminars and other programmes to awareness regarding the issue.

Meanwhile, as Lahore’s smog crisis eased due to rain, Karachi surpassed Lahore in pollution according to air quality index.

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