Lahore to have another artificial rain in January

artificial rain Lahore

LAHORE: Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi announced on Tuesday that Lahore is set to experience another round of artificial rain in January, as soon as the necessary clouds arrive. This proactive measure is aimed at combating the prevalent smog issue in the city.

During a meeting with a delegation led by Ahmed Al-Kamal, the head of the cloud seeding team of the United Arab Emirates Meteorological Department, Mohsin Naqvi shared his plans for initiating artificial rain in Lahore.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi expressed his appreciation for the commendable efforts of the UAE team, acknowledging their role in implementing artificial rain to mitigate smog. He extended gratitude to the team for their contribution.

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Mohsin Naqvi highlighted the success of the first artificial rain experiment conducted in Lahore, Pakistan. Following the initiative, the air quality level remained consistently below 200 for several days, showcasing the positive impact of the measure.

Ahmed Al-Kamal, the leader of the United Arab Emirates team, along with other delegation members, expressed their gratitude to Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi for the exceptional hospitality they received.

Chief pilot of the UAE delegation, Mr. Michael Anstis, remarked that they were overwhelmed by the hospitality in Lahore, expressing that the city feels like their second home.






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