Lahore: over 4,000 underage drivers caught in crackdown

crackdown underage drivers

LAHORE: The Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) of Lahore, Mustansar Feroze, has revealed that 4373 cases have been registered in the city during the past 12 days. Of these cases, 1243 were for driving a car without a license and 1991 were for driving a motorcycle without a license.

In addition to the registration of cases, hundreds of vehicles have also been impounded by the traffic police. CTO Feroze has directed citizens to ensure that they obtain their driving licenses in order to avoid legal action.

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The crackdown comes as the traffic police department has been receiving numerous complaints about underage and unlicensed drivers endangering the lives of others on the roads of Lahore.

The CTO has warned that the crackdown will continue and that strict action will be taken against those who violate traffic rules. He has urged citizens to cooperate with the traffic police and help them make the roads of Lahore safer for everyone.

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