Kot Diji Fort’s six missing cannons traced

Kot Diji Fort’

KARACAHI: The Sindh Culture Department has traced six missing cannons of the illustrious Kot Diji Fort.

The majestic fort in Khairpur, standing as a testament to Sindh’s rich cultural heritage, had long suffered the absence of these ancient guardians.

Caretaker Minister for Culture Sindh Dr Junaid Ali Shah said that the Sindh Culture Department has reached out to both the police and the administration to bring back the missing cannons to the fort, built by Talpurs between 1785 to 1795.

He said that their collective efforts bore fruit as two of the missing cannons had been taken into custody from the Khairpur Police Line.

He said that two cannons were lying within the precincts of the Khairpur Deputy Commissioner House.

Another cannon, steadfast in its historical significance, adorned the prominent Maryam Chowk, while the final piece of the puzzle was found standing guard at the Babarllu Police Station.

Dr Junaid extended his heartfelt gratitude to the Sindh police inspector-general for his decisive action in ensuring the return of the cannons.

He said that the absence of these cannons had cast a shadow over the historical status of the fort. The cannons, steeped in history and tradition, had patiently awaited their return for three decades, he said.

The fort, a symbol of Sindh’s legacy, yearned to regain its completeness with the return of these ancient sentinels.

Dr Junaid emphasized the collective responsibility of safeguarding and cherishing the historical places of Sindh as national assets.

The journey to reclaim the cannons had not only become a testament to the valor of the past but also a rallying call for the preservation of the cultural tapestry that defined the identity of the region.

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