Maneka moves court against illegal marriage of Imran Khan-Bushra Bibi

Khawar Manika

ISLAMABAD: Khawar Maneka, ex-husband of Bushra Bibi, has filed a petition in the session court Islamabad against Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan and his former wife.

The petition has made  Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi respondents. The complainant has also attached a list of witnesses which include Mufti Saeed, Aon Chaudhry, Mohammad Latif, and himself.

In the petition Khawar Maneka has said,” We were enjoying a happy married life since 1989 until Imran Khan entered our life behind the façade of peeri mureedi and started visiting the house in my absence. Besides Imran Khan Zulfi Bukhari also use to frequently come in his absence.

Imran Khan use to remain in my house for hours, which was not only unethical, undesirable but also un-Islamic.

Imran Khan calls Manika’s statement a ‘lie’

My sister in law, Bushra’s sister, who is a staunch supporter of the Jewish lobby introduced Imran Khan to Bushra”, the petition said.

The petition further states that he (Maneka) tried to resolve his marriage but all in vain and ultimately he had to divorce his wife on Nov 14, 2017, He said he was forced by Farah Gogi to change the divorce date but even despite his refusal Imran and Bushra got married during the iddat period on Jan 1 2018.

The marriage between Bushra and Imran is therefore illegal and non-Islamic as it was solemnized without observing the Iddah period, the petition said.

He said fornification has been committed by both Imran and Bushra. Hence the court should summon the respondents and punish them strictly in accordance with the law, the petition concluded.

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