Karachi intensifies operation against water theft

Karachi water theft

KARACHI: In a concerted effort, personnel from Sindh Rangers and the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Corporation have initiated the second phase of their joint operation to combat illegal water theft.

On Friday, officials revealed that, under the pretext of subsoil water, the citizens’ clean drinking water is being illicitly sold for commercial purposes on a significant scale.

The ongoing phase targets the theft of fresh water under the disguise of a subsoil bore.

Operations involve the removal of illegal water theft connections, along with the confiscation of heavy-duty motors and pumps utilised in these illicit activities.

The operation unfolded within the jurisdiction of the Garden police station in Jamshed Town, specifically addressing the low-line areas.

During this action, the restoration of a daily supply of four million gallons of water took place, preventing a monthly loss of approximately Rs300 million to the national exchequer.

According to The News, careful estimates by the water board suggest an annual water theft worth around Rs2 billion. Preliminary information indicates that the stolen water originates from the 33-inch-diameter line of the water board, subsequently being sold for commercial use at inflated prices.

Following this major operation, the water supply line in Lyari’s Mira Naka witnessed a notable increase from two feet to six feet.

Paramilitary forces have apprehended 165 suspects through 93 operations targeting 204 illegal hydrants. The commitment is to persist with the operation until all illegal hydrants and freshwater theft in the city are entirely eradicated.

Earlier, Sindh Rangers DG Major General Azhar Waqas chaired a high-level meeting on security, addressing issues such as street crime, water theft, anti-smuggling operations, and the deportation of migrants in Karachi.

The meeting comprehensively reviewed the measures implemented to curb these concerns.

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