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Bad weather disrupts Karachi flights

Karachi flights

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced the cancellation of 22 flights to and from Karachi due to inclement weather, affecting both domestic and international travel.

The city experienced light rain, causing delays and cancellations. Notably, two flights from Dubai were postponed, and a Sukkur-Karachi flight was canceled. In addition, four flights from Lahore to Karachi and two Islamabad-Karachi flights faced cancellations.

Challenges at Karachi Airport

 The airport witnessed chaos as a total of 12 flights, including both domestic and international, departing from Karachi were canceled. Meanwhile, 10 incoming flights to Karachi suffered disruptions.

The recent disruptions in flight operations have left numerous passengers stranded at the airport, causing significant inconvenience.

The airport is witnessing scenes of frustration and uncertainty as passengers grapple with the unexpected disruptions.

Many passengers expressed their frustration, highlighting the lack of timely information and the uncertainty surrounding their travel plans. The abrupt changes have led to confusion and inconvenience for those who were relying on the scheduled flights.

Weather conditions in Karachi

The Meteorological Department reported light rain, recording 2 mm near University Road. The current temperature in Karachi is 17 degrees Celsius, with a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius. The humidity stands at 61%, and dry winds blow from the northeast at 3 to 4 km per hour.

The Meteorological Department predicts intermittent light rain to persist until the afternoon, potentially causing further inconvenience to travelers. Passengers are advised to stay updated on flight statuses and plan accordingly.

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