Kalash Choimus Winter Festival 2023 to start from next month

Kalash Choimus Winter Festival 2023

WEB DESK: The Kalash Choimus Winter Festival 2023 will be held from December 12 to December 20, in Kalash Valley. 

The Kalash Choimus Winter Festival is an annual event held in the enchanting and historically significant Kalash Valley of Pakistan and is a captivating celebration of the winter solstice. Taking place each year in the middle of December, this festival offers tourists a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the festivities and gain insights from the Kalash people.

During Choimus, the Kalash community comes together to revel in their rich culture and beliefs. Villagers participate in rituals and engage in traditional song and dance, all dedicated to honouring their deities. The highlight of the festival is the Chitramas, a mesmerizing dance performed by local women.

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For cultural enthusiasts, the Choimus Kalash Winter Festival is a must-attend event, providing a rare chance to delve into Pakistani culture and create unforgettable memories. It offers a profound experience, allowing visitors to witness the vibrant traditions of the Kalash people as they celebrate the winter season with reverence and joy.

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