We are not running on donations: Kakar


KARACHI: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar has said that Pakistan is spending its own money, collected through taxes, on the nation’s law enforcement.

“We are not running on donations,” he asserted.

This remark came as he addressed a press conference in Karachi a day after six soldiers were martyred in a gun battle against terrorists in the Asman Manza area of South Waziristan district.

“Those who misconceive that such attacks will tire us should know that we will never forget our martyrs,” Kakar stated, and vowed to continue the fight against terrorism.

He said that all the law enforcement personnel, whether combatting external aggression or fighting for internal security, were deeply respected by the nation.

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During the presser the caretaker premier also pledged to tackle the challenges faced by the business community, particularly those related to power and gas supply.

Kakar said the caretaker government was committed to facilitating the business community within the limited mandate it holds during the electoral process. He encouraged entrepreneurs to provide practical suggestions for economic revival and assured that a mechanism would be developed in consultation.

Recognising the link between industrialisation and a consistent supply of affordable energy, Kakar stressed that Pakistan possesses abundant natural resources, dispelling despondency about the nation’s potential. He said a sustainable energy supply will drive industrial growth and economic development.

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