IT ministry’s reform framework aims for better connectivity

reform framework

Key policies and frameworks in caretaker ministry of information technology and telecom are nearing completion, Hum News has learned that

The ministry has finalised the much-anticipated infrastructure sharing policy. It will be presented at the upcoming federal cabinet meeting for approval.

Alongside this policy, the Ministry of IT and Telecom has also crafted a comprehensive National Roaming Infrastructure Framework. In the first phase of this framework’s implementation, the National Roaming on National Highways plan will be rolled out, ensuring seamless mobile network coverage for travelers.

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Mobile users traversing national highways can look forward to uninterrupted connectivity, making their journeys more convenient and reliable.

According to the ministry, a single company tower will suffice to serve as the backbone for multiple mobile service providers on the highways. Federal IT Minister has assured that the introduction of National Roaming will not burden mobile users financially. Under this framework, commercial agreements will be signed between telecom companies.

Caretaker IT minister has said that the new framework and infrastructure policy is particularly advantageous for telecom companies, paving the way for an era of increased connectivity and convenience.

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