Islamabad police register seven FIRs against woman for seeking khula

Islamabad police

ISLAMABAD: In an unusual move, Islamabad police have registered seven FIRs against a woman who had her marriage dissolved through khula.

Tehmina, a resident of Lahore, finds herself at the centre of attention as seven separate First Information Reports (FIRs) have been registered against her across various police stations in Islamabad over the past two months.

The FIRs have been registered at the Ramna, Khanna, Abpara, Shehzad Town, Bani Gala stations and one at the Women Police Station of the capital.

Tehmina says that her former husband has lodged these FIRs against her and her parents in different police stations in Islamabad.

She said that she had obtained a divorce from her husband via khula. According to her, her ex-spouse has been threatening her to return or surrender their daughter.

Tehmina alleged that her ex-husband has influential connections with a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) and has been using these connections to file cases against her in different cities, including Quetta and Karachi.

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“My husband has been threatening that if I am apprehended from anywhere, he will subject me to severe torture and teach me a lesson,” Tehmina said.

She said that her former husband’s connections are so strong that “whenever she approaches for justice, she is told that orders have been received from the top (not to entertain your complaint”.

A spokesperson for the Islamabad police confirmed that FIRs have been registered against Tehmina.

He said that multiple police stations in Islamabad had received applications against her under various names.

He claimed that the FIRs against the woman are being quashed.

“The cases against Tehmina’s husband and other complainants are also being pursued under Section 182, as they have registered false cases against her,” said the Islamabad police spokesperson.

DIG Shahzad Bukhari told HUM News English that the affected woman visited his office, and upon hearing her, he issued immediate orders to quash FIRs against her based on her complaints.

He said that it is the responsibility of the police to register a case on any request, but the merit of a case is established only after a thorough investigation.

The DIG said that legal action will be taken against the woman’s husband and other complainants under Section 182.

The situation highlights the complexities and challenges faced by individuals especially women in navigating legal matters, especially when powerful interests may be at play.

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