Islamabad Capital Police beef up security for Christmas

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ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Capital Police (ICP) deployed over 1,500 officers from the Islamabad Capital Police and Pakistan Rangers to enhance security measures around Christian places of worship.

According to police sources on Sunday that these efforts aim to ensure a safe environment during the Christmas celebrations. The security teams have established special search and arrest points in proximity to Christian places of worship, reinforcing the effectiveness of security protocols.

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Acting upon the directives of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer, Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, a meeting was conducted by SSP Operations, Malik Jameel Zafar in Islamabad. During the meeting, officers were instructed to take all necessary measures to bolster the security of Christian places of worship in their respective areas.

The directives include the establishment of search points without causing disruptions, conducting thorough searches, maintaining constant communication with event organisers, ensuring punctuality, and implementing reasonable car parking arrangements. Security measures extend to preventing any harassment in open areas, providing adequate lighting, and addressing any violations related to loudspeakers.

In preparation for Christmas, SSP Operations emphasised the deployment of more than 1,500 officers to ensure foolproof security. The Pakistan Rangers are collaborating with the police to further strengthen security measures. Instructions have been issued to all District Police Officers (DPOs) and Officers-in-Charge of Police Stations to deploy armed personnel, civil paratroopers, and women police personnel at every place of worship.

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Teams from the Intelligence and Detection Force (IDF) are assigned to closely monitor individuals exhibiting suspicious behavior. Additional personnel will be deployed in public places, and bomb disposal units will conduct thorough searches in various areas.

All concerned agencies have been directed to conduct duty patrols, appoint teams for patrolling in different sectors and rural areas of Islamabad to enhance security.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of safety, SSP Operations Islamabad asserted that the primary duty of the police is to safeguard the lives and property of the city’s residents. – INP

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