Iqbal Day 2023: Will November 9 be a public holiday in Pakistan?

iqbal day holiday 2023

ISLAMABAD: There is a widespread inquiry regarding the potential public holiday on Iqbal Day, Thursday, November 9 2023, which commemorates the birthday of Pakistan’s esteemed national poet and philosopher, Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal. This inquiry arises from previous instances where the holiday was revoked a few years ago but restored in 2022.

Update: Iqbal Day: November 9 declared public holiday

Earlier this year, the Cabinet Division released the schedule of public holidays for the year 2023,  according to which Iqbal Dayon Thursday will be a public holiday in Pakistan.

Iqbal Day is included in the list of gazetted holidays of the federal government for the year 2023. However, the government will issue a notification regarding the November 9 Iqbal Day holiday.

Iqbal Day Commemorations:

Iqbal Day is commemorated annually with tremendous national zeal and fervour. School students, in particular, pay tribute to the national poet in various ways, such as creating charts for Iqbal Day, delivering speeches, and reciting his poetry.

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The primary objective of commemorating this day is to highlight Iqbal’s significance and recognize his contributions, which served as inspiration for the idea of the Pakistan movement among the Muslims of the Subcontinent.

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