IPP clarifies helicopter rumours surrounding Nawaz Sharif

IPP helicopter

LAHORE: Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) spokesperson Firdous Ashiq Awan has addressed the swirling rumours concerning the alleged provision of a helicopter by IPP Chairman Jehangir Tareen to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Awan emphatically stated that there was no truth to these speculations and suggested that Nawaz Sharif may have chartered the helicopter through commercial means.

Nawaz Sharif had arrived at Shahi Qila in a helicopter from the airport, which had led to specualtions that the chopper was provided by IPP Chairman Jehangir Tareen.

“We want to clarify that IPP and PML-N are not in any political nexus,” Awan stated firmly. “The doors of Stability Pakistan Party are open for everyone,” she added, highlighting the party’s commitment to inclusivity in Pakistan’s political landscape.

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Awan also emphasized the unpredictable nature of politics, saying, “Final opinions can never be given in politics.” She shared the news that Farrukh Habib had already joined IPP, demonstrating the party’s growing influence and appeal.

Moreover, Awan revealed that Fawad Chowdhury had recently met with Jahangir Tarin, expressing his expectations from IPP, while the party had its own set of expectations from him. Fawad Chowdhury reportedly expressed a desire to travel abroad and sought facilitation in this regard. Awan explained that IPP couldn’t provide this assistance, reiterating their commitment to transparency in their political dealings.

Awan concluded by emphasizing IPP’s dedication to public service within Pakistan, stating, “IPP wants public service to be done within the country.”

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