Apple’s bid denied: lawsuit over faulty iPhone batteries moves forward

iPhone 15 battery fault

WEB DESK: In a recent legal development, Apple faced a setback on Wednesday as it failed in its attempt to halt a major lawsuit in London.

The lawsuit, brought forward by consumer advocate Justin Gutmann on behalf of iPhone users in the United Kingdom, alleges that Apple deliberately concealed faulty batteries in millions of iPhones by implementing software updates that intentionally slowed down the devices, a practice commonly known as throttling.

The Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has given the green light for the lawsuit to proceed.

Gutmann’s legal team argued that Apple discreetly installed a power management tool in specific iPhone models, effectively limiting their performance and causing inconvenience to users.

Apple countered these allegations by labelling the lawsuit baseless. The tech giant vehemently denied any defects in iPhone batteries, except for a limited number of iPhone 6s models, for which it had already offered free battery replacements.

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While the CAT acknowledged the legitimacy of Gutmann’s claim, it noted a need for further clarity and specificity in the case.

The tribunal determined that these issues must be addressed before proceeding to trial, indicating that some aspects of the lawsuit require resolution for a fair legal process.

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