Inspired by faith of Palestinians, American TikToker Megan Rice converts to Islam

Megan Rice

WEB DESK: American TikToker Megan Rice converted to Islam after being inspired by the strong faith of Palestinians during the ongoing Israeli aggression in Gaza.

The news of Megan Rice’s conversion to Islam went rapidly viral on social media.  The TikToker recently shared a video on social media in which she announced her conversion to Islam.

In another recent video, she criticised social media users who are telling her to be careful about her decision to convert to Islam.

She elaborated on her ‘World Religion Club,’ saying its mission is to enlighten individuals about Islam and various other religions. Additionally, she shared that her choice to embrace Islam stemmed from a profound connection with its teachings, which resonated harmoniously with her personal beliefs.

It is worth mentioning that Megan Rice started the World Religion Book Club to understand the religious aspect of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine in Gaza.

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In a video on social media, Megan Rice explained in this regard that the purpose of this club was to understand Islamophobia, racism, and the importance of why Palestinian people hold the Holy Quran and its teachings close to them.

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