Independent candidates reach out to PML-N, claims Dar


ISLAMABAD: Former federal finance minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ishaq Dar disclosed that independent candidates have reached out to the party. He emphasised that the PML-N stands as the predominant party in the National Assembly seats from Punjab.

During media interactions, he affirmed PML-N’s lead in the election results, emphasising their continuous advantage as the results unfolded. Regarding delays in result announcements, the PML-N leader acknowledged the shutdown of mobile phone networks the previous day, refraining from complaints.

Electoral landscape as ECP continues to announce final results

Dar highlighted the influx of individuals seeking to align with PML-N, noting that independent candidates must join a party within 72 hours, as per constitutional requirements. He expressed confidence that independent candidates would affiliate with PML-N within the stipulated timeframe.

Asserting PML-N’s dominance in Punjab, the PML-N leader commended the strategic approach of Bilawal Bhutto’s father Asif Zardari in wooing independent candidate. He further emphasized that, based on data compiled by PML-N’s election cell, the party emerged as the single largest in the National Assembly and secured a clear majority in the Punjab Assembly.

Kings’ party faces severe defeat in KP elections

Meanwhile, in a statement on social networking website X, Dar reiterated PML-N’s prominent position in both the National Assembly and Punjab Assembly, based on data compiled by the party’s election cell. He urged against premature and biased speculations, advocating for patience until the Election Commission of Pakistan releases the official full results.

According to the interim results announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan, the Pakistan Muslim League (N) has garnered 43 seats. – INP

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