Imam-e-Kaaba stresses world to play role in halting massacre in Palestine

ISLAMABAD: Imam-e-Kaaba, Professor Dr Saleh bin Abdullah bin Humaid on Thursday said that the killing of human life was forbidden, Muslims were being massacred in the name of human rights in Gaza, the international community should respect the sanctity of human lives and they must act to stop the crimes in Gaza. He expressed these views during a special address at the international conference on “Protection of Human Life in Shariah and Law” held at the Faisal Masjid Campus of International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI). 

Imam-e-Kaaba said that the massacre of innocent people in Gaza was the darkest period in human history. He said that he prayed for the end of the cruelty against the Muslims of Palestine.

Dr Saleh bin Abdullah bin Humaid said that special attention was paid to the sanctity of human life in Islam. He added that in Islamic Shari’ah and law, human life had special importance without distinction of belief. Referring to the sanctity of human life, he said that Islam strictly prohibited the loss of human life.

Dr Saleh said that there was a promise of hell for the person who takes human life for no reason. He further said that the services of Dr Hathal Homoud Alotaibi and the International Islamic University were praiseworthy. “I appreciate the International Islamic University for organizing a conference on the most important topic of the hour,” he said.

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He further that educational and research institutions in Muslim countries should focus on mutual cooperation. The Imam-e-Kaaba said that the people of Pakistan were loving and Pakistan was a hospitable country. He said both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have deep-rooted historic ties. Speaking on this occasion, interim Education Minister Madad Ali Sindhi said that the whole of Pakistan was grateful to Imam-e-e-Kaaba for his visit. He said that the youth had the ability to change the destiny of the Muslim Ummah.

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