Security threat: IG Islamabad assures control

IG Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: The Inspector General (IG) of Islamabad Police Dr Akbar Nasir Khan has addressed concerns about the closure of educational institutions, emphasizing that the security and law and order situation in the capital is currently under control.

In a statement, the IG declared that illegal gatherings are strictly prohibited in Islamabad, and authorities are taking measures to maintain public safety.

He urged the public to refrain from participating in or organizing such gatherings, emphasizing the potential risks involved.

The IG assured that the police not only inform individuals attempting illegal gatherings about the potential harm. He emphasized that there is no immediate need for changes in educational institutions or daily routines due to fear.

Highlighting the dedication of the police force, the IG stated that they will continue to serve the community diligently. The objective is to create a secure environment that allows for the peaceful conduct of elections.

Addressing the public directly, the IG reassured that there is no situation in Islamabad that significantly affects normal life. He cautioned against listening to rumors and advised against taking unnecessary steps that could compromise the security situation.

In conclusion, the IG appealed for cooperation with the police, emphasizing the importance of working together to maintain peace and security in the capital. The statement aims to instill confidence in the public amidst concerns and encourage a sense of normalcy in daily life.

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