IESCO announces ‘easy’ bill payment scheme for consumers

CPPA bills

ISLAMABAD: In a move aimed at facilitating consumers, the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) has announced the option to pay electricity bills in installments.

According to an IESCO spokesperson, the due dates for electricity bills are also being extended.

The IESCO spokesperson stated that, following the directives of Chief Executive Officer Majid Khan, efforts will be made to address consumer difficulties and alleviate their additional burdens.

The extension in payment of electricity bills can be facilitated through the regional offices or customer service centres, the spokesperson said clarifying that the IESCO does not have a role in tax and tariff increases.

Court restrains IESCO from taking action against consumers

The spokesperson said that the IESCO procures electricity and carries out subsequent transmission. The utility company gets a profit margin of nearly two rupees per unit, the spokesperson said further emphasizing that electricity consumers should not cause damage to any governmental installations.

“This step by IESCO is aimed at easing the financial burden of consumers by allowing them to manage their electricity bills through installment payments, thereby promoting greater convenience and flexibility,” the spokesperson said.

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