I was forced to give interview: Sheikh Rashid

Sheikh Rashid

By Ahsan Wahid

ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that he was forced to give an interview after he resurfaced following over a month’s mysterious disappearance consequent to the May 9 incidents.

The Awami Muslim League (AML) chief, a key petitioner in the Faizabad dharna case, who withdrew his review petition after appearing before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, said that no torture was done to him during his “chilla” spanning over a month.

On leaving the courtroom, Sheikh Rasheed found himself surrounded by journalists who questioned him about the interview he gave to a private TV channel a few days ago after resurfacing following over a month’s disappearance.

He clarified that he intended to hold a press conference but he was instructed to undergo an interview instead.

Denying allegations of torture, Sheikh Rashid adamantly asserted that no harm was done to him during his chilla, swearing an oath by saying, “I swear to God, no torture was done to me.”

Journalist claims Sheikh Rashid to ‘criticise PTI chairman in interview’

However, in the same breath and a contradictory turn, he offered his forgiveness to the police officials and those who had allegedly tortured him.

The AML chief stated that he spent 40 days in chilla without facing any torture. He affirmed his readiness for another chilla, stating his bed still being in his car.

Sheikh Rashid vowed to continue his two-seat politics symbolized by pen and paper. He urged the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to support him in elections.

While talking about Nawaz Sharif, he said, “Had Nawaz Sharif been of any qualities, I would have talked about him.”

On the question of Nawaz Sharif becoming prime minister again, he responded, “I don’t know about anyone’s future, I will continue my two-seat politics from Rawalpindi.”

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