Here is updated list of fares from Lahore to different cities after decrease in petrol prices

Lahore to Islamabad

LAHORE: In response to the recent reduction in fuel prices by the government of Pakistan, transport operators in Lahore have reduced fares on long and short routes.

The reduction is as follows:

Fare Reductions

Route Previous Fare (Rs.) New Fare (Rs.)
Long-distance routes -150
Short-distance routes -30 to -50
Fares to other cities -30 to -150
Lahore to Karachi 7,000 6,850
Lahore to Rawalpindi 2,200 2,100
Lahore to Peshawar 2,750 2,600
Lahore to Quetta 4,650 4,500
Lahore to Murree 2,650 2,500
Lahore to Bahawalpur 1000 900
Lahore to Khanewal 1,700 1,500


Pakistan cut domestic petrol and diesel prices by up to Rs40 per litre on Sunday night, following a decline in global oil prices and a strengthening of the local currency, the Petroleum Division said in a statement.

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The government has also slashed the price of high-speed diesel by Rs15 and the price of kerosene oil by Rs22.69.

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