Hamas spokesperson laments lack of global action in face of humanitarian crisis

gaza crisis

ISLAMABAD: Khaled al-Qadoumi, the spokesperson for Hamas, expressed his deep concern over the inadequate response from the Muslim world regarding the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

In a recent interview on the popular morning show on HUM TV, “Subah sai Aghay,” he reaffirmed Hamas’s determination to retaliate against Israeli aggression.

The Gaza Strip has been grappling with a dire humanitarian crisis, with closed borders, severe shortages of water, electricity, and food.

Furthermore, approximately 65 percent of essential medicines have already been depleted, and medical facilities are on the brink of exhaustion, Qadoumi said.

Mr. al-Qadoumi strongly criticized Israeli actions, stating, “The Israelis are not our friends. They have exacted revenge on our children and demolished our homes, resulting in the martyrdom of our loved ones.”

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In a resolute tone, he added, “We will not allow Israel to escape the consequences of this war.” The Al-Qassam Brigade, the military wing of Hamas, has also declared its commitment to resisting Israeli aggression.

Al-Qadoumi expressed disappointment in the lack of a robust international response to Israeli actions. He pointed out that recent visits by US officials, including Defense Secretary Anthony Blanken and President Joe Biden, to Israel raise questions about whose side they are on.

The Hamas spokesperson drew attention to the plight of 250 Israeli prisoners, comprising both military and civilian detainees. He questioned the absence of a diplomatic response from Islamic countries and the delay in convening an Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting.

Amid the ongoing Palestinian casualties, Mr. al-Qadoumi highlighted Israeli efforts to pressure Egypt not to accept Palestinian refugees and the threat of potential attacks.

He stressed, “Palestinians do not wish to leave Gaza,” underlining their determination to remain despite the ongoing challenges. The situation remains highly complex as the international community grapples with the escalating crisis in Gaza.

Hamas remains resolute in its determination to respond to Israeli aggression while seeking greater international support and representation in addressing the crisis.

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