Hajra Khan pens unfiltered tales of Imran Khan’s secrets

Imran khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani television and film actor Hajra Khan Panezai is poised to unveil the unfiltered version of her 2014 memoir, “WHERE THE OPIUM GROWS: Surviving Pakistan as a Woman, an Actress, and Knowing Imran Khan.”

The book, available on Amazon, has long been shrouded in mystery, with the author hinting at explosive allegations against former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Originally hailing from Balochistan, Panezai made her television debut in 2009 with TV drama “Buri Aurat” and later graced the screen in the 2018 film “Pinky Memsaab.” Her upcoming memoir promises an intimate journey from the opium-laden landscapes of Quetta, scarred by the aftermath of the Soviet war, to the dazzling world of Pakistani showbiz, where she encountered the country’s prominent figure, Imran Khan.

The foreword of the book sets the stage for a gripping narrative, describing it as a “stunning memoir of one woman’s escape” from a region known for the opium trade and an influx of refugees. Panezai’s recollections include her time with Imran Khan, but she asserts that crucial details were omitted in the earlier, sanitized version of the book.

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In a recent podcast, she shared snippets of her “dark experience” being pursued by a well-known figure, emphasizing that the book, written in 2014, is devoid of any political agenda.

Panezai urges readers to reconsider their perception of Imran Khan, challenging the image of him as a savior of the country. “I judged in 2014 that this [Imran Khan] is a wrong number,” she declared.

Following in the footsteps of Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Reham Khan, Panezai adds another layer to the accusations against the PTI chairman in her book.

Alleging that Imran Khan forced her out of the country in 2014 to prevent exposure, she also claims that her social media accounts were hacked by the PTI chief’s team.

As the revelations stir anticipation, Panezai, who is set to launch the book in Islamabad today (Friday), asserts that her memoir holds the key to unraveling a complex web of personal experiences, shedding light on the darker corners of her life and the intriguing dynamics with a powerful political figure.

The launch promises to be a momentous event, marking the release of a no-holds-barred account that may reshape public perceptions of both the author and the former Prime Minister.

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