Hafeez confident as Pakistan’s cricket team gears up for Australia tour

Mohammad Hafeez

LAHORE: Pakistan Men’s Cricket Team Director Mohammad Hafeez has said that conditions in Australia are challenging, but the national team was ready perform in the upcoming cricket matches.

Addressing a press conference, Hafeez distanced himself from past events, and commended the performance of Pakistan batsmen while acknowledging concerns in the bowling department.

Notably, he said, Khurram Shehzad has been granted an opportunity, symbolizing the respect bestowed upon him by the team management.

Hafeez underscored the importance of acknowledging failures and devising strategic plans for success. He asserted that the national cricket team was poised to deliver a strong performance in Australia.

The national team director emphasized the merit-based selection of players, affirming that those who excel domestically will be given opportunities on the national stage.

With two formidable spinners, Abrar and Nauman, in the lineup, Hafeez praised their excellent track record in Test cricket.

“A strategic approach has been devised to assert dominance, with players diligently working to overcome their weaknesses,” he said.

Hafeez emphasized the continuous efforts of players to enhance their skills, stressing the collective pursuit of success as a team.

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He underscored the modern cricket approach required from the Pakistan team and encouraged aligning individual goals with the team’s objectives.

The national director reiterated that the selection of the national team was based on merit, and he emphasized the team’s commitment to achieving success.

Hafeez concluded by stating that his role was not merely a job but a service to the nation, with the ultimate goal of elevating the performance of Pakistani cricketers on the international stage.

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