Govt announces huge travel allowance hike for employees

ISLAMABAD: Wrapping up its current tenure today, the incumbent government has unveiled a noteworthy development by introducing a substantial 50 per cent increase in daily travel and mileage allowances allocated to government employees carrying out official duties.

The ministry of finance, in a formal communiqué released today, delineated the recalibrated remuneration rates applicable across different echelons, effective as of July 1st.

Noteworthy among these revisions is the elevation in special daily allowance, which for Grade 22 personnel now attains an apex of Rs7,200. Similarly, for Grade 21, the new allowance stands at Rs6,000, while Grades 19 and 20 receive a revised allocation of Rs4,920.

Among the mid-tier strata, Grades 17 and 18 are now entitled to a daily allowance of Rs3,840. Subsequently, Grades 12 through 16 are slated to receive Rs2,160, while Grades 5 to 11 will avail Rs1,320 per day. For those in Grades 1 to 4, a daily allocation of Rs1,200 has been endorsed.

These adjustments mark a concerted effort by the outgoing government to ameliorate the working conditions of public servants and further foster administrative efficiency.

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Transportation costs have also risen by 50 per cent to Rs7.5 per kilometer for cars and Rs3.75 for motorcycles.

Air travel expenses, meanwhile, are reimbursable for Grades 17 and above, while the conveyance of personal effects on retirement or transfer has been elevated to Rs0.03 per kilogram per kilometre.

These enhanced allowances apply to specific stations for special rates, encompassing various cities and regions. Accommodation charges have also been adjusted for government employees in different grade levels, allowing for actual room rent charges based on receipts, subject to set maximums.

Similar increments have been instituted for government servants stationed abroad in diplomatic missions. The new rates are influenced by the United Nations non-housing consumer price index and vary according to regions and countries.

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