Google Maps unveils five AI-powered features

Google Maps

NEWS DESK: In a bid to enhance its already widespread appeal, Google Maps has undergone a substantial AI upgrade, introducing five cutting-edge features. Among the notable additions is “Immersive View,” enabling users to visualize their route at the street level in 3D, offering a realistic and detailed preview of surroundings, landmarks, and directions before embarking on a trip.

Additionally, the “Google Maps Search” feature utilizes AI to tailor location suggestions based on individual preferences, needs, and context. This includes personalized recommendations for restaurants, considering factors like taste, budget, and availability, along with user-generated photos and reviews for a comprehensive overview.

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The AI-powered advancements extend to navigation, with improved lane guidance and real-time updates on road conditions, accidents, and congestion. Electric vehicle owners will also benefit from added information on charging stations, including details on charger types, charging speeds, availability status, and recent usage.

As part of the overhaul, the “Search with Live View” feature has been rebranded as “Lens in Maps.” This AI-driven feature recognizes and labels objects and locations in the camera view, employing augmented reality to overlay information and directions.

While Google Maps solidifies its position as a top-tier app with these AI features, users are reminded of the trade-off—personal data collection. The app’s increased immersive and personalized experience is countered by concerns about data privacy, as Google utilizes this information for service improvement, targeted ads, and behavioral influence. As users embrace the new functionalities, the importance of mindful privacy settings and data sharing with Google is underscored, emphasizing that even innovative apps like Google Maps come with considerations.

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