Former Air Chief Marshal robbed, guards injured in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: Two security guards of a retired high-ranking Pakistan Air Force (PAF) officer were shot and injured during a robbery in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Mansoor Ali Khan, a senior journalist and talk show host at Hum TV, in his V log narrating the incident told that the incident occurred in Islamabad’s F-11/1 area while Mr. Butt was on a stroll with his two uniformed guards.

Two armed individuals approached Mr. Butt, forcibly held him, and attempted to steal cash and valuables, including his mobile phone.

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The guards, identified as Kamran and Baber, swiftly responded to the situation, prompting the robbers to open fire, injuring both guards.

The assailants managed to escape the scene.

Upon receiving notification of the incident, law enforcement authorities arrived at the location and transported the injured guards to PAF hospital.

According to police officials three individuals were taken from the scene, although the identity of the third person remains unclear.

This incident raises concerns about the safety and security of not only retired military personel in the capital city but general public as well.

Police are actively investigating the case to apprehend the culprits responsible for the attack.


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