Blinding fog in Islamabad, Rawalpindi continues to disrupt travel

Fog in Islamabad today latest update

ISLAMABAD: Intense fog persisted into the early hours of Wednesday at 1 AM in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, causing disruptions for commuters traveling between sectors and those commuting from Rawalpindi to Islamabad.

The fog was notably present on major highways, such as the Islamabad Expressway, extending from the Rawat entrance on the GT road.

Accompanied by a chilling temperature of around 6 degrees Celsius, the fog enveloped key commercial and residential areas in the federal capital, shrouding major roads in thick blankets.

Motorists grappled with almost zero visibility, leading to sluggish traffic at Islamabad entrance checkposts on the Islamabad highway.

The impact of the fog extended to various areas in Rawalpindi, including key residential and commercial zones such as Bahria Town, DHA Phase 1, DHA Phase 4, Bahria Town Phase 7, Chaklala Scheme, Ayub National Park, Gulistan Colony, Tops Factory, Attock Refinery, Adiala Road, Nullah Lai, Chungi, Shah Residency, Joyland, the vicinity of Hotel Royal Palace, Saddar, Range Road, Scheme 3, Scheme Mor, Askari 1, and Askari 2.

Despite the intense fog today, checkposts in the twin cities maintained vehicle inspections to ensure safety, albeit contributing to traffic jams.

Locals also took to social media to share their challenges in covering short distances due to the adverse weather conditions.

Some expressed surprise at the unusual occurrence of such dense fog in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, typically more common in cities like Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Gujrat, Faisalabad, Narowal, and Sheikhupura.

As of January 3, 4:45 AM, the fog persists in Islamabad. It is anticipated that visibility will improve after today’s sunrise.

Earlier, the flight operations at Islamabad International Airport were significantly impacted by heavy fog.

Over thirty flights across the country were canceled, and more than fifty were delayed.

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