Fog disrupts air travel: 24 more flights cancelled

Fog flights

KARACHI: Heavy fog in various parts of the country continues to severely disrupt air operations, resulting in the cancellation of an additional 24 flights from different airports.

The total number of cancelled flights has now reached 88 in the last two days.

The flight schedule of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been significantly impacted due to the disruption of operations in Islamabad.

Two flights each to Islamabad, Sialkot, and Peshawar were diverted to alternative airports.

Notable incidents include PIA flight PK-212 from Dubai to Islamabad departing from Karachi, Air Sial flight PF-719 from Jeddah to Islamabad making an unscheduled landing in Lahore, and Air Sial PF-737 from Muscat to Sialkot taking off from Lahore.

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Additionally, PIA flight PK-258 from Sharjah to Peshawar landed in Karachi. At Islamabad airport, Abu Dhabi PK-261 and Dubai Islamabad PK-234 were cancelled.

Cancellation of flights included Islamabad-Karachi Serene Air (ER) 500, ER-501, Gilgit-Islamabad PK-601 and PK-602. Flights Islamabad-Skardu PA 451 and 452, as well as Karachi airport’s PA 200 and 201, were also affected.”

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