Fog continues to disrupt road, air travel

smog fog

ISLAMABAD: A thick layer of fog has covered many areas of the country, prompting authorities to close roads, further increasing difficulties for the people.

Heavy fog and smog continues to disrupt traffic on roads and air in areas of Punjab and Islamabad, especially in the morning. The low visibility is causing problems for travelers.

According to the Air Traffic Controller, eight international flights coming to Islamabad have been delayed due to bad weather on Saturday.

Air Sial flight PF 719 from Jeddah to Islamabad was delayed for seventeen hours. Air Blue flight PA 217 from Dubai to Islamabad delayed by more than ten hours. Air Blue flight PA275 from Riyadh to Islamabad was delayed by three hours.

The flight from Urumqi to Islamabad was delayed by more than 3 and a half hours. Saudi Airlines SV 722 coming from Jeddah to Islamabad was delayed by two hours.

PIA flight from Doha to Islamabad is delayed by 8 and a half hours. Serene Air flight from Jeddah to Islamabad is delayed by 13 hours. Air Blue flight from Dubai to Islamabad delayed by 9 hours.


According to Motorway police, M1 from Peshawar to Islamabad has been closed due to fog. Swat Expressway closed from Colonel Sher Khan to Chakdara.

Hazara Expressway closed from Burhan to Shah Maqsood. M2 closed from Islamabad to Nila Dulha.


Several flights and major roadways face prolonged delays, with the situation likely to persist due to ongoing fog and smog, as predicted by the Met Office.

Authorities have advised citizens to refrain from unnecessary travel during these challenging weather conditions. Stay safe and plan accordingly.

The purpose of closing the motorway is to prevent accidents, said the spokesperson of the Motorway Police.

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