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Snowfall anticipated in Murree, Galiat next week

Murree snow fall

ISLAMABAD: While other parts of Punjab are grappling with smog, Murree, also known as “Malika-e-Kohsar,” is gearing up for its first winter snowfall.

The Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) predicts a chance of light rain on Monday, possibly turning into a night of snowfall in Murree and Galiat areas.

The weekend, however, is expected to bring very cold and dry weather to these picturesque locations.

On Sunday, clouds are set to linger, and a cold wave will persist, creating chilly conditions, according to the PDMA spokesperson.

Monday might sprinkle light rain during the day, with the potential for snowfall at night, adding a touch of winter magic to the region.

As we roll into Tuesday, expect cloudy skies with a chance of morning snow, offering a delightful scene for onlookers.

Wednesday will likely bring extremely cold and dry weather, maintaining the wintry atmosphere.

Thursday will continue the cold trend with dry weather dominating the region.


In anticipation of an influx of tourists, 13 facilitation centers have been established in Murree to provide essential amenities, reports the Relief Commissioner of Punjab.

Tourists are urged to stay updated on weather conditions, ensuring a safer journey.

The administration is on round-the-clock alert, prepared for any unforeseen calamity, assures the Relief Commissioner of Punjab.

For guidance and protection, the district administration is committed to assisting tourists, affirms Relief Commissioner Nabil Javed.

Emphasizing a collective responsibility for weather awareness, the Relief Commissioner highlights its importance in safeguarding lives.

In case of emergencies, the PDMA helpline at 1129 is available for immediate assistance. Stay informed, stay safe.

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