Four children perish in Lahore house fire

Lahore fire

LAHORE: A devastating incident unfolded in the Ichhara area of Lahore as a house in Baba Azam Chowk caught fire, resulting in the tragic demise of four siblings.

The victims, identified as 12-year-old Iman Fatima, 8-year-old Noor Fatima, 5-year-old Ibrahim, and 2-year-old Ismail, lost their lives in the unfortunate blaze.

Preliminary reports suggest that the fire originated from a burning stove in the room. The entire family, residing in a single room, also utilized it as their kitchen.

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The tragic turn of events occurred when the lady of the house left the stove open as she went to the washroom. A piece of cloth caught fire, quickly engulfing the room. Compounding the tragedy, a fiberglass wall on one side of the room also ignited, hampering timely rescue efforts for the children.

Expressing profound regret, Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi conveyed his condolences to the grieving family, acknowledging the loss of innocent lives in this deeply unfortunate event. He has also ordered an enquiry into the fire in Lahore.


Meanwhile in another incident a cylinder blast has also been reported in Green Town area of Lahore.

According to rescue sources, due to the blast the house has caught fire.

Rescue teams have been dispatched to the area.

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