MoFA denies damage to record in fire

Fire Islamabad foreign office

ISLAMABAD: The spokersprson Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch has denied damage to senstive record in the fire broke out in an old building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad on Thursday.

Response to media queries regarding the fire in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“A small fire erupted because of short circuiting in the equipment being used by CDA staff while dismantling an old air conditioning plant. Ministry’s emergency response immediately kicked in and the fire was brought under control with the help of Fire Brigade. The location of the incident is outside the main building of the Ministry and therefore no damage has been reported to any record or infrastructure,” the statement issued by foreign ministry read.

Sources claimed that the fire broke out at a building containing ‘sensitive documents’ of the foreign ministry.

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