Feb 8: here’s everything you need to know about election day

polling time election 2024

ISLAMABAD: The General Election in Pakistan are scheduled to be held tomorrow, Thursday, February 8. People are curious about the polling hours, voting method, and what will be open and closed on February 8th.

What is the polling time for election 2024?

Pakistani citizens above the age of 18, eligible to vote, can cast their votes by visiting their assigned polling station.

How many Pakistanis are casting their vote on February 8?

Out of Pakistan’s population of 241 million, 128 million citizens are eligible to vote.

What do you need to take with you on Elections day to the polling booth?

Don’t forget to bring your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) with you to the polling booth tomorrow. Without it, even if you’re a registered voter, you won’t be able to cast your vote.

You will also need your serial number to cast your vote.

What is not allowed inside a polling booth?

To maintain the secrecy of the voting process, no mobile phones or recording devices will be permitted inside the polling station.

How can you caste your vote?
  • Wait in the queue until your turn.
  • The Presiding Officer verifies your name and electoral number.
  • Receive two ballot papers: one green for the National Assembly and one white for your provincial assembly.
  • Check for the Presiding Officer’s signature and stamp on the back of both papers; without it, your vote won’t be accepted.
  • The Presiding Officer imprints your thumb impression on the electoral rolls using non-erasable ink.
  • Retain the portion of the ballot paper with your thumb impression for records.
  • Proceed to a polling booth.
  • Stamp the ballot papers after ensuring the ink on your thumb has dried.
  • Insert the green ballot paper into the green-topped box and the white ballot paper into the white-topped box.
What will be open and closed on February 8, election day?

The Government of Pakistan has announced February 8th, Thursday, as a public holiday to allow citizens to cast their votes. This public holiday entails the closure of all educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. Additionally, all economic and trading activities will be suspended, including the closure of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and all banks in Pakistan. Markets will also be closed, although some shopping malls and markets are expected to reopen after 4pm.

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Will internet services be suspended on election day?

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has categorically stated that there are no plans to shut down the internet during the upcoming election day. Users can expect uninterrupted internet services to remain accessible throughout the duration of the electoral process.

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