FBR directs senior officers to register for branded Lenovo laptop bags

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has instructed all officers in grade-17 and above to complete a form to receive exclusive ‘branded Lenovo laptop bags’.

The FBR’s Information Technology Wing has issued a letter to chief commissioners, chief collectors, director generals, collectors, and directors, emphasizing the delivery of these branded laptop bags to eligible officers who have previously received Lenovo T15 laptops.

The IT wing of FBR has previously distributed Lenovo T15 laptops among officers in grade 17 and above from the Pakistan Customs Service and Inland Revenue Service.

Along with the laptops, branded Lenovo laptops bag were also procured but it could not be issued with laptops due to delayed delivery by the vendor. However, as a temporary solution, the FBR’s IT wing arranged locally manufactured bags with the laptops.

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According to the letter, now that the vendor has delivered the branded Lenovo bags, officers who have already received a Lenovo T15 laptop have been urged to complete the provided form to get the exclusive laptop bags.

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