Fatal attack claims life of police officer in Bannu District


BANNU: A police officer, Ashraf Khan, fell victim to an act of terrorism in the Bannu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Wednesday, marking another distressing incident in the region.

The assailants, yet to be identified, targeted Khan as he commuted to his workplace. Riding a motorcycle, the unknown individuals opened fire on him while he was en route to his duty assignment with a polio vaccination team on Mandan road.

The unfortunate incident unfolded within the jurisdiction of Mandan police station, leaving Khan fatally wounded. Despite swift response efforts, the attackers managed to escape from the scene, evading immediate apprehension.

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Authorities promptly transported the deceased officer’s body to DHQ Bannu for further procedures.

This incident follows a similar act of violence on Tuesday when another police officer, Abdul Hamid, escorting a polio team, was shot and injured in a terrorist attack near the basic health unit in the Lalozai area, falling under the jurisdiction of the Basyakhel police station.

In that previous attack, the perpetrators, riding a motorcycle, fled the scene after carrying out the shooting. Due to the severity of his injuries, the wounded officer was transferred from the District Headquarters Hospital to Peshawar for specialised medical care.

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