Faisalabad: 34 factories sealed during anti-smog drive

smog faisalabad

Faisalabad: Assistant Director of Environment, Atif Imran, disclosed on Thursday that a rigorous inspection of 126 small and large industrial units in the district over the past two weeks resulted in the sealing of 34 units, issuance of warning notices to 20, booking of 43 owners, and imposition of fines totalling Rs3.9 million.

Imran highlighted that anti-smog squads were actively conducting raids on industrial units, brick kilns, and rural areas, in addition to ensuring the fitness of both large and small vehicles to curb air pollution.

A comprehensive examination of 169 brick kilns took place, leading to the sealing of 60, warnings to 40, booking of 69 owners, and fines amounting to Rs5.4 million.

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In a dedicated effort to address emissions from vehicles, fitness checks were carried out on 696 buses, trucks, vans, cars, and rickshaws during this period. A total of 150 challans were issued to drivers, accompanied by fines totalling Rs 238,000. Additionally, one vehicle was impounded, and cases were registered against nine others.

Imran urged citizens to refrain from burning crop residues and garbage to mitigate air pollution, emphasizing the collective responsibility to maintain environmental well-being. 


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