Faisal Vawda’s daughter’s lavish wedding raising eye brows

Faisal Vawda daughter wedding

Former federal minister Faisal Vawda’s daughter’s extravagant wedding, was certainly the talk of the town this weekend.

Vawda made substantial community enhancements during the celebrations, funding road repairs, manhole coverings, street light installations, and footpath paving in his locality, according to The Express Tribune.

Over 1,000 private guards ensured security, backed by aerial surveillance from private helicopters, and plots were reportedly acquired for parking more than 1,000 vehicles for Faisal Vawda’s daughter’s wedding.

Influential figures, including former president Asif Ali Zardari, Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani, and Aga Khan Foundation Chairman Sultan Alana, graced the event. Chief ministers, governors, tribal chiefs, local and foreign businessmen, and current government officials were also present.

The lavish affair included over 30 meals at some events and more than 40 meals at others. Private planes, carrying businessmen, landed at Karachi airport, and Vawda’s entourage, featuring singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, used a private jet for guests’ transportation.

Amid Vawda’s political endeavors, a heartwarming moment surfaced as he danced with his daughter during the hina ceremony, captured in a viral video. Fireworks lit up the sky, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Political analysts noted a dual focus on the wedding and Vawda’s political clout.

Recognized as a political powerhouse, Vawda’s ability to unite political opponents during the marriage reflects his formidable stature. Pundits consider him a one-man army, citing his accurate political insights on TV shows.

Speculation swirls that, following Imran Khan, Vawda holds significant influence within Khan’s party, with his political acumen deemed crucial for national and provincial seats in upcoming elections.

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