EU demands probe into election irregularities

BRUSSELS: The European Union on Friday expressed concern over the ‘lack of level playing field’, in the general election held in Pakistan on February 8.

“We regret the lack of a level playing field due to the inability of some political actors to contest the elections,” the statement issued by EU read.

“The participation by the Pakistani people to exercise their right to vote, despite systemic barriers still faced by women and persons belonging to minorities, demonstrates their commitment to democracy and the rule of law,” it added.

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The statement further said, “The EU welcomes the increased number of women registered to vote compared to the last elections.”


The EU has reiterated its call for the pertinent authorities to conduct a thorough and prompt investigation into all alleged election irregularities and to adhere to the recommendations outlined in the forthcoming EU Election Expert Mission report.

“The authorities were faced with the challenging task of countering serious terrorist threats and attacks. The EU condemns all acts of violence, which took place in the lead up to the elections and calls on all parties and actors to use peaceful and democratic mechanisms to settle differences, refraining from further violence.”

In its statement, the EU urged all political stakeholders in Pakistan to participate in constructive and inclusive discussions aimed at establishing a sustainable government, while also emphasizing the importance of upholding human rights in accordance with the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and relevant international agreements ratified by Pakistan.

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