How to delete your contact info permanently from Meta

How to delete your contact information from Meta

WEBDESK: In an era where privacy concerns loom large, it’s essential to safeguard your personal information, even if you’re not an active social media user.

If you think staying off Facebook means your data is safe, think again. Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has a covert solution: a hidden tool allowing users to delete their contact information from the platform.

Discovering the secret tool

Unveiled by Business Insider, this tool is discreetly tucked away within Facebook’s confusing Help pages, under an article titled “Information for people who don’t use Meta products.” The link to this clandestine tool emerges in a sentence that reads, “Click here if you have a question about the rights you may have.”

Taking control of your information

Here’s how you can reclaim your privacy:

  1. Select the information to remove

– Choose from a mobile number, landline number, or email address.

  1. Enter the details and choose the platform

– Enter the phone number or email address and specify whether you want to search on Facebook and Messenger or Instagram.

  1. Verify your identity

– Meta will send a confirmation code to the contact information you provided to ensure it’s genuinely yours.

  1. Confirm the deletion request

– After entering the code, click “confirm” to have the information permanently deleted and blocked from future additions. Once confirmed, you’ll receive a message confirming the success of your request. Subsequent searches for the same information will yield a “not found” result.

The bigger picture

While this tool addresses a fraction of the data Facebook possesses, it’s a crucial step in safeguarding your privacy.

Even if you’ve never been a Facebook user, your phone number and email address might still be part of the vast data pool. Additionally, Meta frequently shares this information with third parties.

If you value your privacy and want to minimise the data companies like Meta have on you, take a few minutes to remove your contact information.

Taking a few minutes to remove your contact information might seem like a small task, but it has a big impact on your online privacy.

By doing this, you stay in control of what information is out there about you on the internet. Keep your digital presence secure and manage your online footprint wisely.

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