Murree Snow: Entry halted due to large number of tourists

Murree entry stopped

ISLAMABAD: Due to the long weekend, a large number of tourists have begun flocking to Murree to enjoy the snowfall.

In light of the overwhelming influx, authorities have opted to restrict tourist entry at the seventeen-mile point.

DC Islamabad, Irfan Memon, cited the surge in visitors as the rationale behind halting tourist access to Murree.

Meanwhile, in response to the escalating tourist numbers due to snowfall in Malika Kohsar Murree, a special advisory has been issued.

Chief Traffic Officer Taimur Khan addressed the advisory, mentioning the distribution of informational pamphlets to tourists arriving at Murree’s entry points.

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Tourists are advised to equip their vehicles with tire chains, carry additional warm clothing, and refrain from fully closing car windows to prevent the accumulation of deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Additionally, forecasts predict thunderstorms and increased snowfall in Murree, Galiyat, and surrounding areas, along with rain in Jhal Magsi, Loralai, and Qila Saifullah, and snowfall in mountainous regions.

It’s worth noting that two years ago, in 2022, a tragic incident occurred in Murree when 22 individuals, including women and children, were discovered dead in their vehicles, trapped amidst heavy snowfall.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by extreme weather conditions, particularly in mountainous regions frequented by tourists during winter months.

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