PHA to distribute electric bikes to workforce in Lahore to combat smog

electric bikes announced for PHA Lahore employees

LAHORE: The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) is set to make strides in eco-friendly commuting by distributing the initial batch of electric bikes to its workforce.

This move positions PHA as a trailblazer among government departments in its commitment to combat smog and air pollution.

According to a PHA spokesperson, the initiative is a response to the alarming outdoor air pollution levels in Lahore, exceeding 15 to 17 times the World Health Organisation’s recommended standards.

Recognising the severity of the issue, a meeting chaired by Director General Muhammad Tahir Wattoo was convened to discuss and review measures aimed at enhancing Lahore’s air quality.

Director General Wattoo highlighted the significance of e-bikes, which operate as zero-emission vehicles utilising lithium-ion batteries.

He underscored their cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness as a compelling alternative to conventional transportation. Wattoo pointed out that these vehicles contribute to cost savings while simultaneously addressing concerns about noise and air pollution.

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Wattoo also underscored the importance of the Electric Vehicles Policy of Pakistan 2020–2025, a pivotal component of the government’s strategy to promote local production of e-vehicles.

This policy offers incentives with the overarching goal of securing a substantial share of the market.

According to The News, the meeting delved into various proposals and performance reports related to augmenting Lahore’s green cover.

Wattoo revealed that PHA has embarked on an extensive city-wide plantation campaign, planting millions of trees in both outlying and central Lahore neighbourhoods to enhance the overall greenery of the city.

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