Elections 2024: 106,942 QRF deployed for security

elections 2024: security

ISLAMABAD: In preparation for the upcoming elections 2024 on February 8, Pakistan has mobilized an extensive deployment of security personnel across the nation.

Authorities have announced the deployment of 106,942 Quick Response Force personnel, along with 23,940 security personnel on permanent duty.

Additionally, a significant presence of 130,882 personnel from the Pakistan Army and Civil Armed Forces will be on election duty. The deployment also includes a substantial contingent of 465,736 police officers stationed throughout the country.

Specifically, Punjab will witness the deployment of 216,000 police personnel, while Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will see 92,535 and 110,720 police personnel respectively. In Balochistan, 46,481 police personnel are slated for duty during the electoral process.


In the capital city of Islamabad, security measures have been intensified with police officers and jawans already stationed at polling stations. Around 6,500 police personnel will perform their duties overnight, alongside the deployment of one thousand Rapid Response Force (RFC) members and 1,500 Rangers. Moreover, officials from the Pakistan Army are set to join security efforts.

The Islamabad Police underscored the paramount importance of citizen safety and ensuring peaceful elections. They have established a central control room at Safe City to oversee election-related matters. Strict adherence to the Election Commission’s code of conduct is emphasized, with zero tolerance for violations such as the display of weapons, aerial firing, and rioting.

Furthermore, provisions have been made to support journalists covering the elections, as well as foreign observers and observation teams. This robust security deployment aims to facilitate a smooth and secure electoral process across Pakistan.

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