Three-layer security plan for peaceful elections in Islamabad

election security

ISLAMABAD: In preparation for upcoming elections in Islamabad, the Federal Police have launched a comprehensive three-layer security plan to ensure a peaceful and secure voting environment.

The city has been strategically divided into three categories—A, B, and C—with a total of 995 polling stations placed under vigilant surveillance.

To reinforce security measures, the assistance of Rangers and FC jawans will be enlisted, while the Pakistan Army stands ready on call to address any unforeseen challenges.

Notably, 150 polling stations in the city have been designated as highly sensitive, warranting heightened security protocols.

In a proactive decision, over 450 buildings have been earmarked for use as polling stations, facilitating a more extensive and organized electoral process.

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Specific areas, including Nilore, Chara, Tamir, and Karpa, have been classified under category A, signifying critical attention and security reinforcement.

The categorization extends to include areas that demonstrated peace during previous elections, placing them in category B.

Urban zones with a history of tranquility during past electoral events fall into category C, reflecting a nuanced approach tailored to local conditions.

The deployment of FC personnel at sensitive polling stations for the elections security will be based on reports from the Special Branch, ensuring a targeted and responsive security presence.

The Ministry of Interior holds the authority for the final approval of force deployment, underscoring the coordinated efforts to safeguard the electoral process and maintain peace during this crucial democratic event.

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