ECP starts receiving nomination papers for general elections 2024


ISLAMABAD: As the wheels of democracy begin to turn, the initiation of the nomination process for both provincial and national assembly seats marks the commencement of preparations for the forthcoming general elections in 2024, scheduled for February 8.

In the vibrant city of Lahore, the political landscape takes shape as Sanam Javed’s father actively engages in the democratic process, securing nomination papers for his daughter on the reserved seats designated for women.

Across the electoral spectrum, prominent figures like Rana Mubasher Iqbal and Abdullah Khan have formally entered the race by obtaining nomination papers for NA 124.

Adding to the roster of aspirants, Tahir Iqbal Sindhu, representing the PML-N, has submitted nomination papers for the minority seat.

In the electoral arena of NA 53 in Rawalpindi, a cohort of 21 candidates, including noteworthy figures such as Chaudhry Nisar, Naeem Ejaz, Qamar Islam, and Ajmal Saber, have initiated the nomination process through their designated representatives, setting the stage for a competitive electoral contest.

Elections 2024: Nominations begin, deadlines announced

Meanwhile, the political landscape in Rawalpindi further unfolds as Rashid Shafiq takes a proactive step by obtaining a nomination paper on behalf of his uncle, Sheikh Rashid, for NA 55 and 56.

As part of the election schedule, the candidates will be able to submit nomination papers within a three-day timeline.

The last date to submit nomination papers is Dec 22.

However, after the submission of the nomination, the preliminary list of the candidates will be released on December 23.

According to the schedule issued by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the scrutiny of nomination papers will be from December 24 to 30 and objections can be filed till January 03 while appeals against nomination papers will be heard till January 10.

The revised list of candidates will be released on January 11, 2024, election symbols will be allotted to the candidates on January 13, while the general elections across the country will be held on February 8, 2024.

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