E-registry of lands, properties starts in Punjab

e-registry of propert

LAHORE: In a bid to enhance transparency in property and land registry, Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated an e-registry model center in Lahore on Saturday.

The system, aimed at eliminating manual processes, is a groundbreaking step towards modernizing the province’s land and property transactions.

Speaking at the inauguration at the LDA Office on Kashmir Road, Chief Minister Naqvi revealed that a total of 221,000 e-registries have been completed to date. To facilitate the process, a Bank of Punjab branch has been established at the e-registry model center.

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The chief minister highlighted the shift from the manual registry system to the now operational e-registry system. He emphasized the computerized nature of the entire process, with only the finalization of the sub-registrar’s signature requiring manual intervention.

Addressing criticism, Chief Minister Naqvi asserted that unfair critiques do not impact his work. He underlined the importance of focusing on his responsibilities rather than getting distracted by criticism.

Deputy Commissioner Lahore, Rafia Haider, shared plans for two additional e-registry centers in Shalimar and Raiwand areas. The goal is to provide citizens with comprehensive facilities under one roof.

With the introduction of the e-registration system, concerns about fraud and corruption in property transactions will be addressed.

The system will be integrated with e-stamp, land record management, and the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA).

This integration aims to eliminate possibilities of tax evasion, loss of property documents, and enhance efficiency in the real estate business.

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