Over 3,600 drug dealers arrested in Punjab

drug addiction surge in Lahore

WEB DESK: In a concerted effort to curb criminal activities, law enforcement agencies across the Punjab executed a series of 6,500 raids targeting the hideouts of drug peddlers.

The operation resulted in the booking of 3,650 accused individuals, with 3,660 drug dealers apprehended.

Notably, the authorities successfully seized 2,030 kg of charas, 39 kg of heroin, 8 kg of ice, and a substantial 60,400 litres of liquor from the possession of the arrested individuals.

Alongside the drug busts, police efforts led to the recovery of significant valuables.

A total of Rs286 million in cash, 92 tola of gold, stolen items valued at Rs263 million, 1,550 motorcycles and vehicles, 730 mobile phones, and 170 cattle were reclaimed from the possession of criminals and returned to their rightful owners.

Law enforcement’s success extended to the confiscation of 2,855 illegal pistols, 252 rifles, 35 revolvers, 231 guns, and 118 Kalashnikovs.

Additionally, the police arrested 8,310 proclaimed offenders (POs), 5,870 court absconders, and 2,266 target offenders. A total of Rs183 million was recovered from 735 gangsters during the operation.

In a bid to enhance public service, the police issued 71,780 citizen certificates, facilitated 15,025 tenant registrations, processed 66,030 verifications, and handled 9,864 loss reports through Police Khidmat Centres.

The traffic police, as part of their duties, issued licences to 1,293,900 citizens and collected Rs459 million in fines for violations, contributing to the national treasury.

Additionally, 18,410 challans were issued in anti-smog operations, resulting in the impoundment of 8,050 vehicles and a cumulative fine of Rs6,000,000 imposed on violators.

This comprehensive law enforcement initiative not only addresses immediate threats posed by criminal elements but also demonstrates the commitment of the police force to maintaining law and order across the province.

The results of the operation reflect a significant stride towards a safer and more secure environment for the residents.

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